MoiraA lamp shaped by light.

Moira was born from the idea of designing a lamp shaped by light.

Made entirely of plexiglass, it is supported by three legs, and the lampshade, which can be rotated to modify the luminous effect, is decorated with different geometric patterns, so as to create a play of a thousand reflections on the surrounding surfaces.

Thanks to its essential shape it can be proposed on a small living room table, as atmospheric light on a bedside table in a bedroom or, again, as a sculpture-object.

The light effect studied and recreated consists of a combination of light and shadow.

Its definition in three key words, rhythm, repetition and overlap, guided the design process.

To emphasize the light effect, it was chosen to make the product almost invisible, which is why transparent PMMA proved to be the most suitable material to recreate a simple and light shape.

The name of the product is inspired by the idea of the moiré motif and the logo was designed with the morphology of the lamp in mind to highlight the circularity of the lampshade in Moira’s “o”.

The packaging has been studied and designed to recall the aesthetics of the lamp, both in transparency and lightness. Made of transparent PVC, it protects the lamp without covering it and emphasizes it through the outline printed on its front surface.

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