Make Up Display for SAPPHO

Make Up Display X SAPPHOA display inspired by the lines of British Columbia.

This display has been designed for the Canadian, organic and vegan, beauty brand SAPPHO NEW PARADIGM founded by make up artist JoAnn Fowler. 

The choice of materials, shapes, colors and graphics come from a careful study of the brand, starting from its vision and values to its origins and its close ties with the Canadian land of British Columbia. The display is composed of a total of twelve towers that showcase the entire collection. Each of them is made with a painted, printed and bent metal sheet. The top consists of a perforated sheet that allowas to position the different products. It is removable and can be updated as the collection expands. The different towers, that together with their different heights shape the display, are inspired in particular by the Vancouver high-rise skyline and recall in the graphics the varied landscape of their land of origin, that extends from the sea to the mountains.


The product is made of aluminium, a sustainable material that is in line with the brand's vision. Each top is consist of a removable, laser-cut surface resting on a metal sheet. This allows to change the configuration of products displayed on each tower so as to accommodate new products introduced in the make-up collection without having to change the entire display unit.


Each tower features a category of makeup and the combination of all of them creates the complete collection. This allows the modules to be distributed according to the space available so as to adapt the display to the the retail store's needs. Moreover, since the products available in Europe do not currently correspond to the complete line available in Canada and in the US, the modularity of the display unit meets the brand's need to adapt it to the products on display.


The display embodies the brand in both its functionality and aesthetics. The use of white and anthracite colors and of full shapes create an iconic landscape and makes it stand out from the other products in the store. Graphics that are also used on the packaging of the different products in the make up collection make the display itself communicate the brand in an immediate and effective way.

These pictures are courtesy of SAPPHO NEW PARADIGM.


MEMORABILIAA desk organizer for your memories.

MEMORABILIA is a photo, postcard and card organizer designed to carry the most significant memories on our desk. It is named after the Latin word memorabilia that indicates the objects kept or collected because of their associations with memorable people or events. With its minimalist lines, it blends harmoniously to varied environments while the ellipsoidal swinging base gives a distinctive edge. It is made from laser-cut and bent aluminium sheet, which is fast and economical manufacturing suitable for large-scale production. Through the anodizing process, it is possible to obtain polished and diversified surface finishes to offer a wide choice to suit different tastes.


One millimetre thick aluminium sheet.


The aluminium sheet is first laser cut and then bent.


Aluminium offers the possibility to obtain very refined surface finishes through anodizing.


KALPAA desk calendar for the passing of time.

KALPA is a perpetual desk calendar that stays with us as time flows. Restoring its value with each change of the calendar, it is timeless both in essence and physicality and reconnects us to the passing of time. The user moves the discs manually as the days go by thanks to the practical insertion joint creating a daily ritual and bond with the object itself. It is named after the Sanskrit word kalpa (English aeon) that refers to the passage of time on a cosmological scale and represents eternity. The concentric circles of the design recall the imagery of the cosmos and the Hindu concept of time flowing at different scales in never-ending cycles. A kalpa lasts merely a day in the life of a Brahma but encompasses the entire cycle of the world. So too, this calendar will last a lifetime. It has minimalist lines but gives the possibility of aesthetic expression through the choice of finishes for the discs and the selection of stones for the base.


The aluminium discs are laser cut, then anodised and text-engraved.


The lead-free brass stand is laser cut and assembled with the base.


The stone base adds a personal detail to the calendar.


HexLineSmart furniture for a Lounge Bar.

In this live project, realised during the BSc in Industrial Design, in collaboration with Slide Design, specialized in plastic furniture complements, I have been asked to work with rotomoulded polyethylene and moulded polyurethane to design a collection of furniture in line with the company’s language.

The answer to their brief resulted in HexLine: a furniture collection designed for a Lounge Restaurant and Bar, aimed at optimizing spaces, managing and improving the experience offered. The collection consists of a lit low table, a soft seat and a lit partition. 

The table was conceived from the intuition of being able to capture the waiter’s attention through the use of light, this product was developed to integrate technological components inside it through a simple and essential aesthetics. The central part of the supporting surface is sensorized and easily identifiable by a concentric light. Through the touch of this area, the rotomoulded surface lights up to attract the waiter’s attention, thus using a new way of communication.

The seat is made of soft polyurethane and welcomes the person who sits on it, pandering to the weight of their body. 

The partition is made of rotomoulded polyethylene. Its shape follows the seats and thanks to its asymmetry creates an architecture inside the lounge bar. The product can be lit from the inside and has a sensor of ambient light that gives the possibility, if placed outside, the automated ignition when the evening falls. The product is perceived in different ways depending on the point of view from which it is observed, on the one hand has some hangs for clothes while the other has some openings that in addition to visually lighten the structure can be used as objects holders.

In this project there is the integration of a simple technology to improve the restaurant and bar lounge experience, giving value to the human figure.

The intent is to create an environment in which people can interact with the furniture itself.


MoiraA lamp shaped by light.

Moira was born from the idea of designing a lamp shaped by light.

Made entirely of plexiglass, it is supported by three legs, and the lampshade, which can be rotated to modify the luminous effect, is decorated with different geometric patterns, so as to create a play of a thousand reflections on the surrounding surfaces.

Thanks to its essential shape it can be proposed on a small living room table, as atmospheric light on a bedside table in a bedroom or, again, as a sculpture-object.

The light effect studied and recreated consists of a combination of light and shadow.

Its definition in three key words, rhythm, repetition and overlap, guided the design process.

To emphasize the light effect, it was chosen to make the product almost invisible, which is why transparent PMMA proved to be the most suitable material to recreate a simple and light shape.

The name of the product is inspired by the idea of the moiré motif and the logo was designed with the morphology of the lamp in mind to highlight the circularity of the lampshade in Moira’s “o”.

The packaging has been studied and designed to recall the aesthetics of the lamp, both in transparency and lightness. Made of transparent PVC, it protects the lamp without covering it and emphasizes it through the outline printed on its front surface.


BuzziReefModular seats for an ever changing space.

BuzziReef is designed to be included in the collection of the Belgian company BuzziSpace and responds to the material, chromatic and philosophy choices that the company implements. 

BuzziReef was conceived as a product designed for the leisure areas of coworking spaces. It is composed of two modular seats that, combined in different ways, generate a space that is always different, adapting to wider or smaller environments. Both products have a supporting structure in painted aluminium and a seat characterised by a metal mesh.

Starting from the analysis of existing coworking spaces, I first focused on the analysis of shared work spaces and then on leisure and break areas in detail. These two areas, often communicating within an open space, respond in their configuration to current trends in the world of work, i.e. the flexibility and dynamism of the place itself. The most important need of the relax area was to be flexible and adaptable to different events and to accommodate different flows of people.

The aim of the project is to make this zone easily identifiable and different from the work zone, to enhance the quality of of work breaks, a necessary moment for a productive day, to stimulate the interaction between people and to encourage dialogue.

The seats have been designed with attention to the human figure, with the help of various study models and Le Corbusier’s Modul’or. 

The bench seat is 43cm and the shelf is 130cm from the floor, thus respecting the proportions of the human body. The stool, on the other hand, has a seat at 27cm from the ground, which is perceived as a high step which to sit on; there is also a top 70cm from the ground, which can be used as a seat, as an armrest or auxiliary table to support the bench.