KALPAA desk calendar for the passing of time.

KALPA is a perpetual desk calendar that stays with us as time flows. Restoring its value with each change of the calendar, it is timeless both in essence and physicality and reconnects us to the passing of time. The user moves the discs manually as the days go by thanks to the practical insertion joint creating a daily ritual and bond with the object itself. It is named after the Sanskrit word kalpa (English aeon) that refers to the passage of time on a cosmological scale and represents eternity. The concentric circles of the design recall the imagery of the cosmos and the Hindu concept of time flowing at different scales in never-ending cycles. A kalpa lasts merely a day in the life of a Brahma but encompasses the entire cycle of the world. So too, this calendar will last a lifetime. It has minimalist lines but gives the possibility of aesthetic expression through the choice of finishes for the discs and the selection of stones for the base.


The aluminium discs are laser cut, then anodised and text-engraved.


The lead-free brass stand is laser cut and assembled with the base.


The stone base adds a personal detail to the calendar.

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