HexLineSmart furniture for a Lounge Bar.

In this live project, realised during the BSc in Industrial Design, in collaboration with Slide Design, specialized in plastic furniture complements, I have been asked to work with rotomoulded polyethylene and moulded polyurethane to design a collection of furniture in line with the company’s language.

The answer to their brief resulted in HexLine: a furniture collection designed for a Lounge Restaurant and Bar, aimed at optimizing spaces, managing and improving the experience offered. The collection consists of a lit low table, a soft seat and a lit partition. 

The table was conceived from the intuition of being able to capture the waiter’s attention through the use of light, this product was developed to integrate technological components inside it through a simple and essential aesthetics. The central part of the supporting surface is sensorized and easily identifiable by a concentric light. Through the touch of this area, the rotomoulded surface lights up to attract the waiter’s attention, thus using a new way of communication.

The seat is made of soft polyurethane and welcomes the person who sits on it, pandering to the weight of their body. 

The partition is made of rotomoulded polyethylene. Its shape follows the seats and thanks to its asymmetry creates an architecture inside the lounge bar. The product can be lit from the inside and has a sensor of ambient light that gives the possibility, if placed outside, the automated ignition when the evening falls. The product is perceived in different ways depending on the point of view from which it is observed, on the one hand has some hangs for clothes while the other has some openings that in addition to visually lighten the structure can be used as objects holders.

In this project there is the integration of a simple technology to improve the restaurant and bar lounge experience, giving value to the human figure.

The intent is to create an environment in which people can interact with the furniture itself.