Make Up Display for SAPPHO

Make Up Display X SAPPHOA display inspired by the lines of British Columbia.

This display has been designed for the Canadian, organic and vegan, beauty brand SAPPHO NEW PARADIGM founded by make up artist JoAnn Fowler. 

The choice of materials, shapes, colors and graphics come from a careful study of the brand, starting from its vision and values to its origins and its close ties with the Canadian land of British Columbia. The display is composed of a total of twelve towers that showcase the entire collection. Each of them is made with a painted, printed and bent metal sheet. The top consists of a perforated sheet that allowas to position the different products. It is removable and can be updated as the collection expands. The different towers, that together with their different heights shape the display, are inspired in particular by the Vancouver high-rise skyline and recall in the graphics the varied landscape of their land of origin, that extends from the sea to the mountains.


The product is made of aluminium, a sustainable material that is in line with the brand's vision. Each top is consist of a removable, laser-cut surface resting on a metal sheet. This allows to change the configuration of products displayed on each tower so as to accommodate new products introduced in the make-up collection without having to change the entire display unit.


Each tower features a category of makeup and the combination of all of them creates the complete collection. This allows the modules to be distributed according to the space available so as to adapt the display to the the retail store's needs. Moreover, since the products available in Europe do not currently correspond to the complete line available in Canada and in the US, the modularity of the display unit meets the brand's need to adapt it to the products on display.


The display embodies the brand in both its functionality and aesthetics. The use of white and anthracite colors and of full shapes create an iconic landscape and makes it stand out from the other products in the store. Graphics that are also used on the packaging of the different products in the make up collection make the display itself communicate the brand in an immediate and effective way.

These pictures are courtesy of SAPPHO NEW PARADIGM.

Unique As a Snowflake for TEZENIS

Unique as a SnowflakeChristmas Window Display X TEZENIS

In this live project in collaboration with TEZENIS, realised during the MA Narrative Environments, we have been asked to deliver an innovative design for the windows of the flagship store in Oxford Circus for the Christmas season that communicates the brand’s values, attracts people to enter the shop, is easy to assemble and disassemble and has a low environmental impact.

In response, we have developed the creative proposition “Unique As a Snowflake”: a simulated a winter storm, a whimsical journey of self-discovery in which a variety of beautiful snowflakes highlights the brand’s diverse offering during this cheerful time of the year.

The proposed design is composed of different layers that make it easy to assemble and extremely flexible. The components are four: the printed graphic background, the snowflakes made from a support frame and the undewear to be displayed, the snow and the vinyls to be attached to the glass. Moreover, the support frames are designed to be reused after the window display has been removed, in fact they can be transformed into individual hangers to be used inside the shop.

The concept was developed on the basis of solid research carried out to fully understand TEZENIS’ brand identity. The main objective is to communicate in a joyful and young way the variety of products offered. Typography and copywriting are designed to resonate with the target audience and attract people to step in and rediscover the brand. The visual language is elegant and at the same time trendy and inventive. The colour palette is characterised by the juxtaposition of the muted colours of the drawn elements and the bright colours of TEZENIS underwear. Functionality was an important driver, in fact the design was conceived with space optimization and low cost budget in mind. Moreover, the fact that the main element of the display case can be transformed and reused adds value in terms of sustainability.