Damien Hirst : End of a Century

Walking among butterflies trapped in acrylic paint, a cow’s head consumed by flies and sharks crystallized in formaldehyde can but enhance the most adequate reflection now that the disease surrounds us.

Damien Hirst : End of a Century is at Newport Street Gallery 7/10/20 – 7/3/21

Five Minutes with Monet

Today I had the opportunity to visit an unusual exhibition, composed of a single painting. 

Here face to face with Monet’s “Water Lilies” you can experience five minutes alone with the artwork. This innovative idea proposed by Palazzo Ducale in Genoa takes advantage of social distancing to transform it into a unique opportunity to immerse oneself totally in art. 

This experience has been for me a starting point to reflect on how design and art can exploit the concept of social distancing for reframing it as an immersive and emotional aesthetic experience.